Monday, December 21, 2009

2009-2010 College Basketball Rankings

His Dirkness' Top 10 (And 1!):

1. Texas- Damion James + Dexter Pittman = Best 1-2 punch in the nation
2. Syracuse- Most impressive resume so far- Unheard of 6 players averaging double digs
3. Kentucky- Could be best by year's end- Reminiscent of Michigan's Fab Five
4. Kansas- Yet to impress- Plenty of time though- Most pure talent in country
5. Connecticut- Have the necessary personnel to win in March- LOVE Stanley Robinson (pictured)
6. North Carolina- Toughest schedule to this point- Huge drop off from number 5
7. Villanova- The 15th year of eligibility for Scottie Reynolds provides experience
8. Purdue- Haven't seen them yet- Seem good though
9. West Virginia- Ditto- Senior De'Sean Butler screams All-American
10. Kansas State- Frank Martin doing a great impersonation of a good coach
11. Duke- Don't trust Scheyer or Singler in March- The opposite of UConn- Yes, I realize they beat UConn- in November


Anonymous said...

Who makes a top 11 list?
And no Michigan State?
What is Pepperdine in your top 13, Busch League

-Cookie Monster out-

His Dirkness said...

I think the top 11 is rather unique and inviting, so to answer your question--This guy makes a top 11 list (actually the Top 10 AND 1!!!!!). Michigan St has beaten nobody worth mentioning, but they did round out my dirty dozen. And while Pepperdine is sitting at a robust 3-10 on the season, their 2 point loss to Cal Baptist pushed them out of any consideration of a ranking. Nice campus though. Thanks for chiming in though Cookie Monster, you better return to burning dough on a spoon now.

Zeets said...

Scariest thing about Texas is that I read they have a good defense this year.

Yeah I still don't love where we are at yet. Brady has been stepping up big in his couple of games back. He was the main reason we went on that small run against Cal to pull away in the 2nd half. I think he's the best passer on the team and I love his defense.

Rickaay the Leadoff Man said...

oh Zeets not Brady praise!? I mean I've seen in every game since he's been back that he'll throw a weak, nonchalant pass straight to the opponent(s) guarding Cole -- he's so obvious about where he passes and gets rid of the ball like its a damn hot potato without even sizing up things or looking at the basket. Yeah his defense is pretty solid, but in the Temple game, Self finally let CJ Henry play and he came in and had some impressive guarding sequences. "Yeeeah" Brady "Cornbread" Morningstar doesn't get my praise, Zeet Suit Riot.

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