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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big 12 College Basketball Postseason


All Big 12 First Team

G Sherron Collins, Kansas
G Jacob Pullen, Kansas St.
F James Anderson, Oklahoma St.
F Damion James, Texas
C Ekpe Udoh, Baylor

Player of the Year: James Anderson, Oklahoma St.

All Big 12 Second Team

G LaceDarius Dunn, Baylor
G Donald Sloan, Texas A&M
F Marquis Gilstrap, Iowa St.
F Curtis Kelly, Kansas St.
C Cole Aldrich, Kansas

Coach of the Year: Scott Drew, Baylor

Big 12 Tournament Predictions

1st Round
Colorado over Texas Tech
Missouri over Nebraska
Oklahoma St. over Oklahoma
Iowa St. over Texas

2nd Round
Kansas over Colorado
Missouri over Texas A&M
Kansas St. over Oklahoma St.
Baylor over Iowa St.

Kansas over Missouri
Baylor over Kansas St.

Kansas over Baylor

NCAA Tournament Seed Projections

Kansas - 1st overall
Kansas State - 2
Baylor - 4
Texas A&M - 6
Missouri - 7
Texas - 8
Oklahoma State - 8

Mucho more coming the next couple weeks on the Conference and NCAA Tournaments, including reactions to the field, predictions for the tournament, and breakdowns of Kansas games as they come.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 College Basketball Rankings


His Dirkness' Top 10...and 1

1. Kansas- Hard to believe will probably end with better record than 2008 Championship team in what amounts to as a better conference- Next three games are all very losable- Will be hard to lose if Xavier Henry plays with as much confidence as he is right now- Let me be the first to make the joke of him being the X-factor
2. Kentucky- Mistakenly claimed West Virginia as best rebounding team in the country last rankings- It is actually Kentucky (West VA best offensive rebounding)- Potential downfall will be lack of 3-point shooting- Could have three lottery picks come NBA draft (Wall, Cousins, Patterson)
3. Syracuse- Have now won at West Virginia and at Georgetown- Seem to struggle most against mediocre competition- Patented 2-3 zone is vulnerable to good outside shooting teams- Top 3 teams are a cut above the rest right now
4. Ohio State- Evan Turner. Evan Turner. Evan. Turner.- The rest of the country might have finally caught on to just how good Ohio State and the Player of the Year are- Evan Turner
5. Kansas State- At first glance seem to have accomplished very little since KU defeat- A closer look shows evidence of a very good team by beating inferior teams on the road handily- Possible 1 seed if they can beat KU in Lawrence
6. Villanova- I feel like Scottie Reynolds is the most underpublicized player in the country(He hit the shot to send them to the Final 4 last year-pictured)- Might be a bit worn down after running the gauntlet the second half of the Big East season- Don't see enough size to consider them winning it all
7. Purdue- Very impressive resume- Would be number 4 if they hadn't just lost Robbie Hummel (2nd leading scorer) for the season- Part of the very underrated Big 10 which is right on par with the Big 12 and Big East eons above the ACC, Pac-10, and SEC
8. West Virginia- Big n' rough- Will not go down easy in the big dance- Like their chances of winning it all over the previous two teams- This is how I would build a team if in charge of a program
9. Georgetown- Really up and down- Their efficient offense and size down low make them a scary team come March
10. Duke- I guess? I just can't take them seriously until I'm convinced Coach K is still alive
AND 1. Michigan State- Something doesn't seem fully right with them this year- Will most likely end up being the 4 seed that none of the 1 seeds want to see

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 College Basketball Rankings


His Dirkness' Top 10 (AND 1!):

1. Kansas- Sherron Collins will be the most feared guard in the country come tournament time- Don't want to be the favorite going into tournament given past history but they are right now
2. Syracuse- Developed a case of the first half struggles lately but really developing a knack for winning- Wes Johnson is a stud
3. Kentucky- DeMarcus Cousins might be the most feared big man come tournament time- Can Calipari handle an upset John Wall?
4. Villanova- Top 4 teams have really separated themselves- Love Lil' Scottie Reynolds' game- Do they have the necessary bigs to win come March?
5. West Virginia- The Big East is good- One of the two best rebounding teams in the country (both intimately touched by Bobby Huggins-look at those threads)- It would be awfully fun if they were to play each other
6. Kansas State- The other of those two teams- Proof that you can be mediocre in all areas yet superior in rebounding and be a top 6 team- Denny Clemente is the most overrated player in the country
7. Ohio State- Should only be judged on games that Evan Turner (who is my Player of the Year right now) has played in
8. Michigan State- In BIG trouble if Kalin Lucas' ankle injury was as serious as it appeared to be- Top 5 team with him at full health
9. Georgetown- Put the beatdown on Duke that I thought they would- Greg Monroe and his beard could continue the tradition of G-Town big men
10. Baylor- Maybe a bit too high for them but it's time for my annual smitten time with Baylor basketball- The most underrated team in the country
11. Connecticut- What? They're on the bubble? Nah, I'm talking about the women's team here- Could beat Duke any day of the week- Take that Duke!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 College Basketball Rankings


His Dirkness' Top 10 (ANNNNNNNND 1-Cole Aldrich wilhelm scream):

1. Kentucky- Convinced John Wall is the next D-Wade- Will the SEC provide a big enough challenge to get them tournament ready?
2. Syracuse- The best team from the best conference
3. Kansas- Lack of a go-to scorer down low could be their downfall- Sherron Collins could be their savior
4. Villanova- The least talked about of the five best teams separating themselves from the rest of the country
5. Texas- Very unimpressive reign as number 1- Played like a top flight team for exactly 4 minutes against Kansas St.
6. Michigan State- Overinflated due to experience- Typical Spartans team with 5 players averaging double digs
7. Kansas State- Specializes in taking you out of your comfort zone- Beat up Texas and may have country's deepest frontcourt- Can they avoid letdown after big win?
8. Pittsburgh- Best pair of road wins in the country ('Cuse and Conn)
9. Ohio State- Evan Turner (pictured) is the BEST player in the country- Oh, and he BROKE HIS BACK this year- They've only lost two games with him playing
10. Duke- Awesome wins- Just not seeing it
11. Tennessee- Won't be on this list the next time I make it- Enjoy it while you can Skylar McBee

Monday, December 21, 2009

2009-2010 College Basketball Rankings

His Dirkness' Top 10 (And 1!):

1. Texas- Damion James + Dexter Pittman = Best 1-2 punch in the nation
2. Syracuse- Most impressive resume so far- Unheard of 6 players averaging double digs
3. Kentucky- Could be best by year's end- Reminiscent of Michigan's Fab Five
4. Kansas- Yet to impress- Plenty of time though- Most pure talent in country
5. Connecticut- Have the necessary personnel to win in March- LOVE Stanley Robinson (pictured)
6. North Carolina- Toughest schedule to this point- Huge drop off from number 5
7. Villanova- The 15th year of eligibility for Scottie Reynolds provides experience
8. Purdue- Haven't seen them yet- Seem good though
9. West Virginia- Ditto- Senior De'Sean Butler screams All-American
10. Kansas State- Frank Martin doing a great impersonation of a good coach
11. Duke- Don't trust Scheyer or Singler in March- The opposite of UConn- Yes, I realize they beat UConn- in November
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